Small But Impactful Changes — Here's What's New

Alek S.

Last night, we released a site update with some smaller but highly requested enhancements. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new and what’s changed.

Sorting Deals by Discount

This has been a highly requested enhancement, so we are particularly glad to be announcing that you can now sort the Deals page by discount.

Shopping List — Ability to Select All “Out of Stock” Items

It’s now easier than ever to quickly select and remove all “Out of Stock” items on your shopping list. We recommend Refreshing the availability of your Shopping List before doing so in order to ensure that the availability of all of your Shopping List items are as up to date as possible.

Shopping List — Filter by Retailer

You can now easily sort your Shopping List by a particular retailer. We will be continually enhancing the overall usability and functionality of the Shopping List, and this was one of the more highly requested features.

Products Page 2.0 — “Beta” Version

This is an early version of the completely redesigned products page which will soon be featuring enhanced filtering, enhanced sorting, and even more information for each individual product result. For the time being, this enhanced version of the products page will only be available to Extreme Members. This is a temporary measure which will allow us to work more closely with a select group of users as we continue to further refine the redesign. We will be releasing a version of this to Premium users as soon as possible.

Kicking off these changes are two new filters: “Customer Rating” and “Price.” Customer Rating allows you to filter results by the average rating for each product across all retailers. Price allows you to filter results by the lowest new online offer price of each product.

We’ve also enhanced the “Categories” filter to now enable users to filter results by more granular “secondary level” categories. This is an enhancement which I am particularly excited about because it substantially improves the browsing and filtering experience.

In addition to these new and enhanced filters, we have added two new sorting methods: “New Price Score,” as well as “Used Price Score.” These two sorting methods are both in the early stages of development and may be renamed later. They both work similarly, utilizing a proprietary formula for sorting products based on a combination of attributes which contribute to how we rate the value of the discount for either the lowest new online offer price or the lowest used online offer price.

For a more comprehensive list of what’s new and what’s changed, check out our official release notes page — BrickSeek Release Notes.

Alek S.

Head of Development at BrickSeek
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