Release Notes

BrickSeek 3.1.2

Released 10 / 17 / 19

What’s New

This was a minor release which was made in order to account for a change in the way Walmart reports inventory quantity information.

We made the following changes to the way inventory quantities are displayed for results from Walmart locations:

  • Quantity ranges for some results will now be more concise “quantity: 2-5” or “quantity: 3-5″ for example will now be displayed as “quantity: 2-3” and “quantity: 3-4″ respectively.
  • A small number of results which previously would have been displayed as “In Stock” will now be displayed as “Limited Stock”.
  • Inventory quantities of 6 or more will now be displayed as “6+“.

The above changes will impact the following areas:

  • Walmart Inventory Checker
  • Pricing Records – Walmart
  • Markdowns by Store – Walmart
  • Local Markdown Feed – Walmart
  • Walmart products within Shopping Lists
  • Local Inventory Alerts for Walmart products.

BrickSeek 3.1.1

Released 9 / 3 / 19

What’s New

  • Added support for Macy’s to Markdowns by Store, Today’s Markdowns, and Local Markdown Feed.
  • New slider on the homepage which will be updated periodically with the latest updates and other announcements.


  • “Members Area” pages which are locked for the current user are now displayed differently. Each page now includes a brief description of what that page does.
  • Added a disclaimer which explains the best approach to successfully redeeming a BrickSeek Rewards offer.
  • Reordered “Members Area” menu items.
  • Expired deals whose last known markdown pricing is unavailable are now displayed without any pricing information instead of displaying “N/A”
  • Inputs throughout the site now use the numerical keyboard on supported mobile devices whenever applicable.
  • “As Low As” price displayed in daily emails has been replaced with the same “Common Markdown Price” seen throughout the site.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which was preventing certain users from being able to edit their local alerts.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing alerts from being sent for products in the rare case that the product required a user to be logged in to search.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing “Deal” tags to be displayed on product results which did not have an active deal at the time.

BrickSeek 3.1.0

Released 7 / 30 / 19

What’s New

  • BrickSeek Rewards – Thousands of exclusive local & online deals available to premium & extreme users.
  • Online Deal Alerts (beta) – This feature will be exclusive to extreme members before getting rolled out to other membership levels. It is a new way to create receive highly customizable alerts anytime a new online deal is posted.
  • Newly integrated community – The community itself has undergone a complete redesign, but in addition to that it is now being linked to from the main navigation of the site, a widget was added listing the top trending topics, and comments added in the community about individual deals are now being displayed on that deals page.
  • Your Selection – While searching the products or the deals page and/or when filtering results of any other page your active search term and filters are all clearly listed in one area.


  • Users can now select the type of alerts they’d like to receive at the time of creating a local alert.
  • MSRP is now displayed on the shopping list page.
  • “Price & Quantity” text is now totally visible on the local alerts page.
  • Blog posts can now be marked as expired by the author.
  • Post authors will now be indicated as such when commenting on their own posts.
  • Commenter membership level is now indicated on their comments.
  • Commenter membership length is now indicated on their comments.
  • Number of comments is now always indicated on post previews.
  • When viewing all blog posts in a specific category the name of that category is now displayed as a title,
  • Singular blog posts now include related posts below the main content.
  • When checking inventory you can now click on a stores name in the results to view that stores “Markdowns by Store” page.
  • Added a message for when no stores are returned for a particular zip code on the markdowns by store page.
  • Adjusted the disclaimer message on the Markdowns by Store page.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a bug in which the deal tag was being displayed on product tiles within the product archive page despite those products not having an active deal.
  • Resolved an issue in which sorting the Local Markdown Feed after searching by your location would cause your location to be displayed in the browser.
  • Resolved a bug where after sharing an inventory checker link on a social media site the incorrect store logo would be displayed.
  • Addressed an issue where several Home Depot product names were being returned blank.
  • The button to view a product on the retailers website from its pricing records page now opens the retailers website in a new tab, making it consistent with the behavior of the inventory checker.
  • Fixed a spelling error within the displayed modal for the barcode scanner.