Shopping Lists

Shopping trips are more successful when you can plan and organize them. With the new, easy-to-use Shopping List feature, you have quick access to the list of items you’ve been tracking at specific stores.



When you find a great deal on BrickSeek, click the “+” button next to the store where you want to purchase it. The item and all of its important details (UPC, Qty, Price) will automatically be added to your Shopping List, grouped under your specific store.

Sort your Shopping List using your current location to view the item list for the store you are currently shopping. Easily link to an item’s bar code or to the BrickSeek inventory Checker right from your Shopping list to help you successfully locate your deals quickly.


Access your shopping list when you’re on the go by using BrickSeek on your mobile device. Enjoy the same, easy-to-use features to view and and update your shopping list that you have on your desktop.