Receipt Manager Beta

We are offering Receipt Manager as a limited BETA.

  • Receipt Manager can simply be used as a data extraction service and storage service (no longer enter receipts item by item, and keep the images stored in the cloud) or a full expense and sales tracking program.
  • To participate in the BETA, a one time fee payment of $10 is required. This fee allows us to make sure we get users who are most interested in the product and feel the pain point that we are trying to solve.
  • Because this service will require manpower to review receipts, it will be a paid feature.
  • At the conclusion of the BETA, that $10 payment can be rolled into a payment for using receipt manager.

The Simple Process to Track your Purchases

Snap a Picture of Your Receipt

Text or Email the Receipt to Us

We Review it and Upload your Purchase Data!


How Receipt Management Can Help

Save Time

Spend more time finding deals, and less time hassling with spreadsheets.

Get Organized

No more boxes of receipts! Each Receipt is saved to the cloud and quickly and easily accessible!

See your Numbers

Track Inventory Costs and See Profits!

Track your Sales
You can always export your data and manipulate it as you wish