Local Inventory Checking

Inventory checking is a key component to finding some of the best deals. We allow you to peek into your local stores from the convenience of your home, finding the price and stock levels on the items you’re looking for.

Checking inventory is easy as…

Enter a SKU or UPC

Find the SKU on the item you’re looking for or use our SKU finder to search for your product

Enter your zip code

Enter a zip code nearest you or across the country to check the local stores 

View the store results

Click the Check Inventory button to see the store results with the latest pricing and quantity information 

6 things to know about the inventory checker page

Availability status and stock numbers

Check the availability listed in green, yellow, or red to see if the item is in stock. In stock items will show you how many the store is reporting.

Sort the results how you want it

Choose to display the results based on the stores nearest you, price, stock levels, or our recommended stores for price and distance.

Premium and Extreme have the advantage

With these memberships you can see more stores, set more alerts, and easily add items to your shopping list.

Retailers provide different results

Keep in mind that we are simply displaying what the retailers can provide. Some stores may not provide the quantity or pricing data.

Set those local alerts

Whether the deal is in stock or you’re waiting for it to drop in price, set a local alert so you can be notified right when it meets your criteria.

Check out the online offers

If the local results aren’t what you’re looking for, check out the online offers to see if you can pick up the deal without going to the store.

Click a store to start checking!

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