Welcome to BrickSeek Premium!

As a premium member you have a whole new world of BrickSeek available to you!
You can find the specific tools you now have available to you under the “Premium Tools” navigation menu. (Seen below)

The Premium Dashboard, seen above is a great place to get started. It provides links to many of the most popular premium pages, along with small excerpts from some of these popular pages. Click Here to view the premium dashboard.

Additional Links for Premium Members:

  • Premium Forum: Find and discuss deals with other premium members. Many deals are discussed here before they are found anywhere else. This is an incredibly valuable resource to help you get started and be more successful in your deal hunting adventures. *NOTE: Please follow the instructions in red on the top of the forum page to activate your account.
  • Top Walmart Price Drops and Top Target Price Drops: These pages show you items that are being marked down across the country. They are a great resource for looking for items that are getting marked down in your local stores.
  • Local Walmart Markdowns and Local Target Markdowns: Browse discounts in your local store, use this tool to better plan shopping trips or just see if there are any great deals in your local store!
  • Popular Walmart Searches and Popular Target Searches: These pages show you what others are searching for, often the most popular searches are tied to great deals that are trending across social media. Act fast because this tells you many others are also trying to score these items.

Viewing Nationwide Pricing Info:
As a premium member you now have the ability to view nationwide pricing information. On any of the premium pages, or when checking inventory for any item you can simply click the “View Pricing Info” button. Please note, nationwide pricing information is compiled based on previous searches, so if nobody has searched for that particular item, it may not have any results.