Finding SKUs for items categorized as assortments

For items sold as an assortment at Walmart you will need to use the assortment UPC in order to find the proper SKU for searching the item.

The assortment SKU can be found on the shelf tag at the store. (See below image of shelf tag and UPC – 81146901402 )

Insert the UPC from the shelf tag into the inventory checker and click the ”Search Inventory” button. The proper results will then be displayed as shown below.

Popular Assorted Toys Include: Funko Pop! Toys, Hot Wheels and other diecast cars. WWE Figures.

Some of the popular diecast toys are listed below:

Motor Max 1:24
Hotwheels Basic
M2 1:64 Muscle
M2 1:24 Machines
M2 1:64 Autothentics
M2 1:24 Auto Hauler
M2 1:64 Drivers