What is BrickSeek?

BrickSeek is the ultimate stock and inventory checker to help you find the best deals at Brick and Mortar stores throughout the United States. Our goal is to help you find great deals on items you are looking for, and show you where you can find them, thus saving you time and money.

What are the benefits of a premium membership?

A premium membership gives you extra tools to give you a better chance of finding deals while they are still available. Click here for more details.

If I sign up for a premium membership can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you may cancel at anytime by going clicking here.

I heard the data on BrickSeek is delayed by 24 hours, is this true?

No, this is simply a rumor. In most cases inventory changes are reflected within minutes. Very rarely will you see an inventory change delayed more than a few hours.

Can I price match prices I see on BrickSeek?

No! That is not the intention of the site and stores will not honor prices found on our site.

I am at a store, and the price displayed on BrickSeek does not match the store price. What happened?

There can be a few reasons for this discrepancy, but first please note: BrickSeek is a third party to the retailers listed on this site. We are not directly related to these stores. Please, DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to get the store to match a price found on our site. By using our BrickSeek you have agreed that you are using the data on it as a guide, and that neither the store, or BrickSeek is responsible for any discrepancies.

Please remember to always treat the employees in the store with respect, as they have no control over possible discrepancies! 

  1. You may have the wrong item. Sometimes items of different sizes or colors may be priced differently. The easiest way to check this is by comparing the UPC listed on our site to the UPC barcode on the item. The items UPC appears on the Inventory Checker page, shown with the red arrow in the image below. Alternatively you can check the price of the item in store by using clicking the “View Barcode” link (blue arrow), and scanning that barcode under a price checker in the store.
  2. Particularly in the case of Target stores, sometimes our site see’s the markdowns as much as 1 business day (Monday-Friday) before they occur in store. Target clearance pricing does require their markdown team to scan the item with a clearance handheld before the price is reduced in that individual store. We recommend checking back the following day, if the price is still not reduced it is possible the item was missed during markdowns.

On your clearance page, I see an item for a low price, but none of the stores in my area have the item for that price. How do I get the item for the reduced price?

Unfortunately you are out of luck for this particular item at the moment. Most local deals on our site are YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary), so they will not be reproduce-able at every store.  However it may be a good idea to keep an eye on it to see if stores in your area discount it further. Otherwise get ready to start looking for the next great deal to come along.

Why doesn’t the price on the retailers website match the in store price?

The short answer is that it depends. Retailers will price differently between the two for multiple reasons.