Sand Cloud Kaibu Isle Aqua Boho Block Print Reversible Comforter Set

Sand Cloud Kaibu Isle Aqua Boho Block Print Reversible Comforter Set

MSRP: $42.88
Added: 4/4/20 - 5:44pm
33% of stores

From Our Community

  1. Katzgirl Katzgirl says:

    This shows in stock in all my stores but cannot be located in any store.

  2. Kssthss19 Kssthss19 says:

    Thought I was the only one with this issue.

  3. johnom johnom says:

    Anyone try having an associate scan the barcode to see what their on hand count says?

  4. Payton8707 Payton8707 says:

    This says it’s been seen 10hours ago at 2 of my local stores, well I’m here to tell you that is not true!! I went to both of these stores and scoured the store and then got a employee to also look with me, and nothing. This happens a lot and I don’t understand that. I was a premium member but I could never find any of the things I was seeing earlier than non-premium members. I Would like to know who saw this article 10 hours ago.

  5. johnom johnom says:

    On the inventory checker for that item click “view barcode” and then save a screenshot of the barcode image. Ask an associate to scan it with their in-store handheld device. Not just help look, but actually scan the barcode to see how many their system says that they have on hand.

    The system saw it. This isn’t saying that someone saw it physically in the store, simply that it was detected and last seen by the system 10 hours ago.

    Keep in mind that our system has no idea what is on the sales floor, in a clearance aisle, stolen, or hiding in the stockroom. It relies 100% on what the retail stores each report to us independently, just to provide some clarification.

  6. Colbyco Colbyco says:

    Same thing here I was a premium member, not once did I find anything!!

  7. missyhelton missyhelton says:

    I have a family member who works at Walmart. Her store manager informed her that the “active stock” on is entirely in accurate unfortunately at the present time. This is due to the increased tremendous amount of deaths theft related to COVID-19 and they do not know when it will be resolved I have a family member who works at Walmart. Her store manager informed her that the “active stock“ on is entirely in accurate unfortunately at the present time. This is due to the increased tremendous amount of thefts because of loss of wages for so many unfortunate Americans. All of which are directly related to the COVID-19 Outbreak Pandemic. They do not know when it will be resolved.

  8. jlribeiro7 jlribeiro7 says:

    bullshit I’neve find a good deal, yesterday I drove more than 100 miles between walmarts … did not find anything … boooooo

  9. Tori.Chrissy Tori.Chrissy says:

    Hmmm @johnom or I can would love to help with strategies.

  10. jlribeiro7 jlribeiro7 says:

    I tried the entire day today with my wife… and nothing

  11. johnom johnom says:

    Would you like to jump on a one on one call to discuss best practices with the membership features as well as just general advice for deal hunting? I’d be happy to do so :slight_smile:

  12. fr33spirit fr33spirit says:

    I’m just gonna put my 2¢ in here and say that it’s not the co-vid 19 issue causing so many items unavailability…I’ve been a member on here for years and rarely ever have I found any of the items in stores that are supposed to be in stock. I was just going thru chrome tabs I’ve had open for at least a year (im bad about leaving em open) and decided to check out deals and saw the comments on here. I see nothing has changed.

  13. jlribeiro7 jlribeiro7 says:

    strategies of what ? A lot of time I’m inside the store and I check markdown by store, and I see the item IN the store (on brickseek) I ask people from the store they scan the product I show or put the name, they never find, walmar, targert etc.

  14. Tori.Chrissy Tori.Chrissy says:

    Are you asking them to scan the item’s BrickSeek UPC barcode with a store handheld device (not a cell phone)? When the UPC barcode is scanned, the device will show inventory count and price. The device will show if there is an assigned location for the item. Many times clearance items will not longer have an assigned location since the store will not be selling the item.

    If the device shows a location in the backroom, ask the associate if they will get it for you. If the device shows a floor location, ask where.

    Check where the item would normally be sold, if the store was going to continue selling that item. Look behind other items since packaging may appear identical with only the UPC being different. Check on the top shelf, bottom shelf and do the same for nearby aisles.

    Check for clearance end caps and clearance aisles. Some stores have both.

    Some stores have a designated clearance person. In one of my local stores, the clearance person has pallets of clearance items that she will put out as soon as there is space in the clearance aisle.

    I have spoken to department heads and mentioned the category of item I am looking for such as laptops, window blinds, sheets, toys, water bottles etc. When they find out I am not brand or item specific, they have brought out clearance from the back for me to look at and buy. (They just did not have space to keep the item on the shelf or sales floor so, them to the back.)

    Also inventory counts are off due to theft, miscounts, never arriving, human error, etc. Last year, I bought 100 water bottles. (20 each of 5 varieties) When checking out, the cashier scanned one bottle and entered that I bought 100 of that one variety. Inventory will now show 80 more sold of one type and 20 each of remaining of the other 4.

    Managers have told me of stories of opening boxes that say Product X but, it is actually Product Y that they received from the warehouse. Or while checking inventory, some counts items that are similar as the same one. It happens.

    I tend to shop the same stores at the same time of day. I have gotten to know the associates (at least before the stay at home orders). I try to shop when the store is quieter. I mistakenly shopped at shift change one day and I had to approach many associates before finding one that had a store handheld.

    I keep an ongoing search list of items. Sometimes the item will randomly show up months later. (The items were “lost” in the backroom. They could have been buried under other items or misplaced. It’s a nice surprise.)

    I hope some of this is helpful to you. :slight_smile:

  15. jlribeiro7 jlribeiro7 says:

    I did that, Im talking about Walmart Store, I have a amazon store, so I normally do things like that, but for example: toys,( LOL doll) It was 5 dollars, normal price 39 dollars, I went to 5 walmarts, and the stock was showing 6 or more, I checked Toys section, clearance toys section, all clearance section, asked guys from the section, guys from other section. I did that with more than 5 items, searching by Store. So for me It’s looks like kind a marketing strategy to make people go to the store, because every time I go I buy something, like, “oh Im already here so let me get some meat, milk or whatever with a good price.” I really felt like that when I took a entire day to find something good and I did not find.

  16. Tori.Chrissy Tori.Chrissy says:

    Did you ask them to scan the item’s BrickSeek UPC code?

  17. hollihudson37 hollihudson37 says:

    Same for me also- shows in stock with multiple quantity. Can not locate

  18. johnom johnom says:

    have you had anyone scan the barcode like @Tori.Chrissy mentioned above? if these items are in the back the only way you’d get someone to help locate them is if they can see for themselves that they show up in stock in their actual inventory (not what the Walmart app says)

  19. fr33spirit fr33spirit says:

    Yes, I’ve wasted many hours scouring all through shelves and isles asking employees, managers, digging behind every last clearance shelf item. I’m sure plenty of Walmarts assume I’m trying to shoplift! Lol! Every now and then I’ve found something that they’re supposed to have but im talking extremely rare occasions.
    One time while extensively searching the toy section I found a few items that there was only one of… so I scanned it in the Walmart app and saw they were super cheap, like 25¢ & 75¢…I went to check out and they wouldn’t even sell me the stuff bc it wasn’t in their computer!? Talk about POed! It wasn’t anything I found off brickseek… it was stuff I found while looking for things brickseek said they had. My phone ended up dying b4 I checked out so I couldn’t even show them. I don’t know if it would have mattered tho.
    I started only really taking an item listing seriously if it showed an isle number when searching it in the Walmart app but realized even then that most things were still nowhere to be found.

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