SAMSUNG 50" Class 4K UHD 2160p LED Smart TV with HDR UN50NU6900

SAMSUNG 50" Class 4K UHD 2160p LED Smart TV with HDR UN50NU6900

MSRP: $599.99
Added: 11/22/20 - 3:19pm
15% of stores

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From Our Community

  1. kericburton kericburton says:

    The Walmart in Farmerville, LA did not have any even brickseek’s site showed 6 in stock.

  2. Muchgame98 Muchgame98 says:

    Chino Hills, CA didn’t have any even thought the inventory checker said they had 6.

  3. rk310 rk310 says:

    Fremont, CA did not have it in stock. Inventory says 4-5 available.

  4. johnom johnom says:

    Y’all keep in mind that there is a giant red disclaimer on the inventory checker for this item to let you know that we’ve confirmed that some stores are reporting incorrect on hands counts for this TV, which is likely due to it being cross referenced with this SKU which has the same exact model # but different UPC:

    If you want a chance to score a $79 50" 4K TV, then go for it. Just understand you’re facing an uphill battle of the onhand counts being off.

  5. itsmnelson itsmnelson says:

    Tried about 5 different stores that all said 6+ and none of them can find the TV. It’s truly amazing to me how Wal-Mart stays in business. Their inventory system and LP is absolutely atrocious. The cross referencing of SKU’s constantly creates a terrible customer experience, associates never wanna help find items unless the scanner gives them a location, etc. Thankful for stores like Target, Lowe’s, etc that actually cycle count items regularly and maintain a nearly spotless inventory record.

  6. Joemolskness Joemolskness says:

    I recently scored this bad boy for $79.00. I also scored his little brother, the 43" 6900 series for $64.00. I found them both just as displays at multiple local stores. Just have to convince a manager to approve of a “Display” sale! Found at other locations as displays too but was unsuccessful with low prices at some stores.

    Every store found at, had kept the displays up and just swapped the paper price tags on them without realizing I suppose. So multiple locations had the displays labeled as the 7000 series. The model had to be checked on back of TV.

    If one is found, make sure to check for the other size as well. Happy hunting yall

  7. Na8en Na8en says:

    Even though brickseek says there is 6 plus Available at every store around me , the website states different, so I called 6 stores just to confirm. And no one has it

  8. KellyHull2 KellyHull2 says:

    Watertown Ny
    Asked a worker about when they would be getting more, and he confirmed that they were discontinued! Not sure why this sale is still being posted.

  9. Carolynxo Carolynxo says:

    That’s usually the case for items marked down so much. But just because they won’t be getting more in stock doesn’t mean other locations around the country don’t have some currently in stock they need to sell the last of. So it’s still worth checking in my opinion

  10. johnom johnom says:

    That’s precisely why these items go on clearance. They get “deleted” from their modular, meaning they will not be carrying these items in that store anymore. Hence the reason why they get marked down in price :slight_smile:

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