Rca 7" Tablet 16gb Quad Core Voyager Iii

Rca 7" Tablet 16gb Quad Core Voyager Iii

MSRP: $49.87
Added: 10/18/19 - 6:23pm
22% of stores

From Our Community

  1. DixieDarling DixieDarling says:

    I have checked 2 stores. One said 6 a the other says 3, but neither of them actually had them. One of the salespeople told me that one person came bought all 6 the day before. This is the 1st time I have ever seen the wrong count show up. So does this mean that employees have put them up for themselves?

  2. Stronghearted1981 Stronghearted1981 says:

    I went to our store and the count said 2, looked everywhere. Went to electronics counter and spotted them in the cage. Lady took them out for me to purchase and only 1 would activate. There was a sticky note on them with another associates name on it. She tore it off and sold it to me stating that it was their policy that they can’t hold items. Was glad I had an honest one.

  3. YosModelX YosModelX says:

    Glad to see that someone was able to get this deal! :+1:t5:

  4. Saleen2001 Saleen2001 says:

    Theres some around me for $15.00. My store has 7 of them for $25.00, but their still marked $35.00

  5. Saleen2001 Saleen2001 says:

    Yes, most likely. Walmart employees are scandalous as hell, but I would probably do the same.

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