Monster Color Changing USB LED Light Strip - 6.5ft

Monster Color Changing USB LED Light Strip - 6.5ft

MSRP: $5.86
Added: 10/21/19 - 9:20pm
6% of stores

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  1. JoshCEO JoshCEO says:

    I show 6+ of these at my closest Wal-Mart for $1.00, but when I went this morning they were full price in store. I double checked the UPC/SKU. This is the 2nd time that Wal-Mart prices have been wrong for me. :frowning:

  2. nashinton nashinton says:

    I am having the same problem. I have yet to find any item at a store that has quantity 6+ on here that scans same price when at the store. Only full price and/or advertised price in store is same as deal price listed on here. Which in return is not really a special/secret/ discount deal if it’s their everyday, advertised to the public, price.
    Also, I went to 3 different Walmarts last week that showed 6+ available and none of the 3 stores had the item in stock, not to mention there was no empty spot on a shelf or price tag for the specific item. I asked employees to confirm I was looking in correct location. Each employee confirmed the isle and all said exactly same thing “IF we have it, it’d be right here.”.
    Maybe im not understanding things correctly on here…?

  3. Tori.Chrissy Tori.Chrissy says:

    Stores clearance items when they are no longer are going to sell and are going to use the shelf space for another product. The longer an item has been on clearance (which usually means the greater the discount), the item no longer has an assigned location. It could be anywhere in the store including the backroom.

    My strategy is to start by looking in the various clearance areas in the store, clearance aisles, clearance end caps, etc. Then I will go to the area items similar to it are being sold and look on the top shelf, behind the full price items that have assigned locations, look on lower shelves, etc. Then I will look in nearby aisles doing the same thing.

    If I can not find the item then I will ask an associate to scan the item’s Brickseek UPC barcode with a store device (not a personal cell phone). When the barcode is scanned, the store device will show if there are any with an assigned location in the backroom and if there are any on the sale’s floor. (If the device shows sale’s floor, ask if there is an assigned location. It’s been my experience there is rarely an assigned location for deeply clearanced items.)

    This time of year, stores are maximizing their floor space with full price items. Clearance items items that are usually in aisles or end caps have been moved to the backroom and will be brought back out after the holiday season. These items will not have an assigned location in the back room. (One of my local stores mentioned it is in boxes and stacked up to to be brought out after the holidays.)

    Good luck with your searches. After the holiday season is FUN!


  4. Tori.Chrissy Tori.Chrissy says:

    Did you ask an associate to scan the item’s Brickseek UPC barcode? If you did, ask them what price and count is shown as well as location.

    What price did Brickseek show for that specific item and specific store?
    Did you scan the item with the Walmart app? Store wall scanner? Cash register?

    If the price scanned on the Walmart app, is different than when scanning the item with a store wall scanner or at the cash register, on the bottom of the page for that item on the Walmart app, there is a link to report issues to Walmart.


  5. JoshCEO JoshCEO says:

    Yes, I always download the UPC image to my phone. I had someone in the electronics area at WalMart scan the barcode and he said they had one left. He showed me where it was, but it rang up for full price.

    I have never successfully purchased anything at Walmart for a discount. Although I’ve went there 10+ times. Either it’s not in stock, or the price isn’t actually discounted for me.

    Target stores on the other hand have always be exactly identical to BrickSeek. I have purchased many items from Target that have been discounted and I have always been able to easily find it.

  6. Tori.Chrissy Tori.Chrissy says:

    What price did his device show when he scanned the UPC screenshot?

    I’ve had great luck at Walmart. If you would like, we can discuss strategies to improve success? Also, knowing what items you are looking to find may help with strategies.

    Brickseek has a live Q&A every other Thursday at 5 pm est and will begin having a tutorial class every other Tuesday at 8 pm est. (Alternating weeks)

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