Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Baby

Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Baby

MSRP: $14.99
Added: 8/9/19 - 4:43am
41% of stores

From Our Community

  1. KMares26 KMares26 says:

    This deal is not legit. I don’t know why it pops up on every one of my stores feed but when I click on it it shows out of stock and it surely was never sold at that price

  2. cowgurlkayla08 cowgurlkayla08 says:

    This is not right. I went to a store that showed 32 in stock. I couldn’t find anything so I asked an employee to scan the barcode. When it came up it was the much smaller packs. 3 pack refill half the size and they are normally 4.98 not 15.67. Highly disappointed and a wasted trip.

  3. KMares26 KMares26 says:

    Right there with you! This happened to me. It continues to show in my stores feed which just irritates me even more. We are paying members and receiving false information is very unnerving.

  4. AlexisD25 AlexisD25 says:

    This is definitely for the small count!

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