Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing with 6-Speeds, Snugabear Hug

Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing with 6-Speeds, Snugabear Hug

MSRP: $139.00
Added: 3/14/21 - 5:28pm
12% of stores

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  1. Butch47pan Butch47pan says:

    This cradle has been on brickseek For over a week. I went to Walmart here in Holland Michigan they don’t have the cradle and swing in stock, they never did. A few other items brick seek first came out with for the Holland Walmart has not been there. Went to two other Walmart they say was in stock and on cell, wrong again. I am canceling my subscription to Brickseek for the second time, for the same reason Their website is outdated on a lot of items. Extreme membership isn’t worth it. Even as a non-member, it’s not worth the time to go looking for these items. Because items would not be there anyhow

  2. chattytlb chattytlb says:

    I agree same thing has happened to me everytime I go to walmart specifically because I found this amazing deal on here and I go and nothing…they have none of what they said they had…I have searched, ask for managers to help and nothing…its a waste of money

  3. tori_lyn tori_lyn says:

    Did you ask a store associate to scan the item’s inventory checker UPC barcode with a store issued device?

    The middle number on the associate’s device will be the total on hand count at that specific store. That middle number is the on hand count that that store is reporting to their corporate office that they have in stock. (BrickSeek is sharing that retailer’s information to you.)

    Each time the inventory checker for an item is used, real time data is pulled from each store in search area for that specific item.

    Store Issued Handheld Device: Guide: Store Issued Handheld Device

    Have you taken a one of the webinar for Premium and Extreme members?

    One of the topics we discuss is in store clearance.

    Stores clearance items to make room for new, full priced items. The longer an item has been on clearance and the deeper the discount, the greater the likelihood that the item will not be where it was when full price. This means the item could be any where including the backroom.

    Clearance shopping isn’t for everyone. It takes patience and persistence.

    I hope you will attend the weekly webinars where we explain BrickSeek features and tools, how they work together, share the best practices of the most successful clearance hunters and answer questions.

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