Dragon Quest Builders 2, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, 045496593889

Dragon Quest Builders 2, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, 045496593889

MSRP: $59.99
Added: 3/24/21 - 5:21pm
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  1. talltxn talltxn says:

    So I saw this was at one of my Walmart stores for $0.03 as well as the Untitled Goose Game and A Hat in Time Game, all for the Nintendo Switch, and away I went to score these. Long story short, after speaking to 5 different employees (manager never showed) they came up on price check at the register in electronics for $0.03 but when they tried to ring them up to sell them they said they can’t sell them, they are to be returned to the manufacturer. My question to them was why were they on the shelf, then? Shouldn’t they honor the price that showed when they checked? Answer was that they haven’t had time to move them to the back and that the price can change without them knowing it. Hmm. I was not very happy but I didn’t raise a stink. Maybe I should have just sat there until the manager finally would have shown up… Anyone else have this happen?

  2. ks825 ks825 says:

    I am not sure if things have changed…but once you confirm the UPC and the price (app and/or in store price checker scanner)…u can go straight to the self check out…are these games locked in a cabinet or something?

  3. kvnswest kvnswest says:

    Glad I wasn’t the only one. Same story here. This one, Overwatch and Tsum Tsum- all for the Switch rang up .03 on the app. No option for self-checkout on these as they are from a locked cabinet and must be checked out in that department. Employee kept trying to get them to ring up and got the same unable to sell message everytime. He called the manager over to help and they said it was not possible to sell the games as they had to be returned to the manufacturer due to recall. Threw them all in a cardboard box behind the counter marked “Recall”.

  4. cooler17 cooler17 says:

    Same issue. I just went to my local Walmart for the .03 Overwatch and was turned down. The employee said that it wouldn’t allow him to ring it up in the system. I asked if i could try it at the self checkouts and he boxed it up in the plastic container and I took it up there. When I scanned it at the self checkout. It came up as needing attention. They called the manager up and she said they couldn’t sell it because it was a recall, and walked away with it. I did not argue, nor had any intent of arguing. Weird part is, I have bought .03 games before with no issue.

  5. talltxn talltxn says:

    Yes, they were locked up.

  6. newkirkpartnership newkirkpartnership says:

    Same story.
    Excited to find the deal on these games at my local Walmart only to be disappointed when the Manager was unable to sell at the $0.03 price.
    Maybe try back tomorrow?

  7. san san says:

    yea, it sounds like they changed things up. Normally it would ring up fine but now it seems all .03¢ items are restricted at the register.

  8. Fn2s333 Fn2s333 says:

    Same thing happened to me except the employee said they kept them in the back because when they tried to ring the item up, it wouldn’t go threw

  9. loganc73 loganc73 says:

    I am wondering if this is all the walmarts or certain stores or states maybe?? I live in Iowa this happened to me this morning.

  10. txfamily2010 txfamily2010 says:

    Happened to me this morning here in Austin as well. Previously had no issue purchasing $0.03 games. “Recall” seems to be the norm for these prices now, potentially.

  11. Vegeta65 Vegeta65 says:

    I just got back from walmart and had ample supply and they scanned it themselves and rang up .03 on the hand held scanner but the employee took it up to the front in a plastic container and they rang it up on the register and wouldnt go through then eventually I got the same excuse as recall, I live in arizona

  12. drerev drerev says:

    Same here in PA. I found the Fallout 76 and Daemon x Machina in the case. When they tried to ring it up it gave the do not sell message. They pulled them all and took them to the back.

  13. The_Bad_Bone The_Bad_Bone says:

    same issue here in San Antonio tx. tried overwatch and fallout 76 (they had 12 copies). and they wouldn’t go through. sad.

  14. Kaitkiedrowski Kaitkiedrowski says:

    Hi, same thing happened to me today with the Dragon Quest Builders 2 game. I politely spoke with the manager and unfortunately, they were still unable to sell them to me. It was showing a message that they were recalled… I was so bummed!

  15. Lilia001 Lilia001 says:

    That happened to me many times, the stores don’t have the specials. I’m not sure if this works well. going to give one more opportunity to this app… Too good to be true. :frowning:

  16. txfamily2010 txfamily2010 says:

    This issue isn’t a brickseek problem. It’s simply a new Walmart policy to not sell the $0.03 games.

    I would recommend you upgrade to extreme. I just got four vacuums that will pay for a month of extreme for each one I sell. Left some at the store even for other folks.

  17. RunBD3 RunBD3 says:

    What is the point of Wal-Mart doing this? Why not just clearance these games out for 5 or 10 bucks a piece or so?

    What are they gonna do with these recalled games then? Return them to the video game companies that made them? Sell them off to places like Five Below at a 1 dollar piece?

  18. JRE0714 JRE0714 says:

    Same boat here. The strange thing is I was able to purchase one copy of the game (it was in the case, asked the employee to help).

    Once I purchased it and the employee realized the price, they said they had a bunch more copies locked up behind the register (I’m talking like 50+) and asked if I’d be interested in purchasing them. I said I’d buy a couple more, but then I had the same problems as everyone else. Those didn’t ring up, even though they were the exact same game, literally two moments later.

    Seems wasteful to refuse to sell them (even at a higher price) than to return them where they will undoubtedly be thrown out.

  19. mistydel mistydel says:

    We were told the same thing today when we found some of the Xbox One games.

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