Disney Pixar Toy Story Sheriff Woody Talking Action Figure

Disney Pixar Toy Story Sheriff Woody Talking Action Figure

MSRP: $19.00
Added: 2/8/21 - 5:09am
21% of stores

From Our Community

  1. RM32 RM32 says:

    Tried multiple stores that showed 6+ of this and some Transformer toys also 90% off and couldn’t find a single one. Not sure if the counts are way off or if I’m just looking in the wrong spots.

  2. ItsRaining ItsRaining says:

    Might want to add a note to these that the NEW ONES are in the stores everywhere and look the same. The UPCs are different.

  3. For3ignLov3 For3ignLov3 says:

    No luck with that UPC. Only the new ones are there that are full price.
    Went to 3 different stores.

  4. JerryB JerryB says:

    Agree with everyone. I went to multiple stores pretty bummed out no one had it, this includes stores with 6+. Im not sure if this one is legit or not.

  5. FoundTreasures FoundTreasures says:

    My stores have them but even though Brickseek says $3.50 they are stil $32

  6. JerryB JerryB says:

    I agree. It’s almost not worth having the membership.

  7. johnom johnom says:

    It’s the wrong one. You have a different UPC.

    See this post from another member that has successfully found the correct ones on clearance:

  8. lcruz013 lcruz013 says:

    Same here! 2 stores & even though it shows there’s inventory available no luck, just regular priced ones in stock

  9. umodagod umodagod says:

    It shows that there’s 6 plus in inventory but none of the numbers add up, so how do you get a discount?

  10. johnom johnom says:

    Have to find the correct one that’s on clearance. That’s it. It’s not usually this complicated with items because the new and old ones don’t always look so similar like with these toy story toys.

  11. Bochaop Bochaop says:

    yes. Same here inventory showed 6+, went to the store got nothing. Walmart sucks.

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