Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Figural Bean Bag with Sherpa Trimming

Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Figural Bean Bag with Sherpa Trimming

MSRP: $35.13
Added: 4/28/21 - 8:55am
29% of stores

From Our Community

  1. Shop4you Shop4you says:

    I went this morning to buy them. After a clerk did some cking he said the last ones sole 3 days ago . Yes, they were already clearance at 5.00 3 days prior to being put out notice to premium buyers.
    What am I paying for then.

  2. Kimrid Kimrid says:

    I feel the same as you. I go looking for deals and they are gone but this app says they have it. I am spending so much time and energy which is money for nothing!

  3. Sadwife66 Sadwife66 says:

    I absolutely agree with you. I made a list an looked for a long time and never found the first item. So discouraging and time consuming,

  4. CBsales CBsales says:

    It really sucks when youre really hoping to get something and then waste your time to find out it is gone. Its understandable to be pissed. It happens A LOT. But i think you guys commenting are frustrated at brickseek when brickseek isn’t the problem. Youre acting like Brickseek is some magical software where you can walk into a store, go to an aisle, grab the item you want , and checkout and pay $5 for an item everybody else is paying $20 for… all because you pay for a software that the other people don’t. Does that make sense?
    Brickseek is an amazing and powerful software. What you get from it is up to you. Brickseek isn’t doing anything but giving you an opportunity by showing you products at stores around you. You have to learn how to use brickseek the right way. It seems like everybody joins and expects to find $50 items for $1 with no work involved. Then when they don’t they complain its brickseek. Its all you though. Learn how to use brickseek. They have stuff posted on these forums. Its all there. But brickseek isn’t going to do the shopping for you. Understand what brickseek is. If you don’t want to do that then dont use it.
    BTW i’m not an employee of Brickseek. Just a longtime subscriber sick of seeing people getting mad at brickseek. It can be an amazing tool that saves you so much… when used right.

  5. JoJo1951 JoJo1951 says:

    I agree with most of what you say, but when a store’s inventory drops to zero isn’t it suppose to remove from brickseek? I find very few items that they say are available, whether that is the stores issue or brickseek’s I am unsure, but I do feel that I get enough sale items a month (which may just be one) to justify my premium membership. But the point that we go many times looking for items that are suppose to be there and are not is valid, it is frustrating, but it also true that if you aren’t satisfied with what you are paying for - drop the membership. As for me, I’m hanging in there for now.

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