DEWALT 5-Tool 20-Volt Max Power Tool Combo Kit with Soft Case (Charger Included and 2-Batteries Included)

DEWALT 5-Tool 20-Volt Max Power Tool Combo Kit with Soft Case (Charger Included and 2-Batteries Included)

MSRP: $599.00
Added: 7/30/19 - 10:20am
25% of stores
This deal has expired but you can still view it's BrickSeek Snapshot page for pricing and availability both online and in stores from other retailers.

From Our Community

  1. crprofusion crprofusion says:

    I was able to score 3 of these today at a Local Lowes and the site said they only had 2 in stock. I got lucky for getting the 3!

  2. chalupabatman101 chalupabatman101 says:

    Lucky! I have placed 3-4 orders and all have been canceled. The reps said that they received an email from corporate stating that the it was an error. Unfortunately none of the stores near me had it in stock…

  3. AustinS AustinS says:

    Nice score!

    Sometimes, particularly with power tools, I’ve seen the Lowe’s count be one less than the actual on hand. Rumor is that is for their display unit allocation. :man_shrugging:

  4. Lghayman Lghayman says:

    I ordered 5 online for pickup and the store called me and cancelled my order due to a pricing glitch.

  5. johnom johnom says:

    Ordering them online wouldn’t have worked anyway because the online price for these was still $599, the clearance price didn’t show on Lowe’s website. Had to place the order over the phone or go to the store to get that price

  6. Lghayman Lghayman says:

    My online price did show the $119.00 price. That’s how I placed my order. It changed soon after that back to original price. I had two stores that showed $119 on Lowe’s website.

  7. johnom johnom says:

    Gotcha! Dang, that was pretty quick! The online prices were showing full price by the time I got around to seeing this deal but the in-store prices were still $119. I don’t think I would have relied on an online order though, I would have placed a phone order if I were going to chance ordering it before going to the store.

    Sorry to hear they got cancelled though! :disappointed:

  8. warrenhouse warrenhouse says:

    One store sold the last 3 while I was trying to secure them over the phone. Called a second store and secured 4 over the phone. Went down there and got those 4. BS showed 7 total, in store inv showed 8. I found the remaining 4, only bought 3 of them. Score…7! Retail $4538.92, pd $901.72. Lucky timing. Lowes app never showed the $119 price so I had to call. Worked out this time.

  9. Lghayman Lghayman says:

    Once I place the order online at the 119 price. Five minutes later the price had gone back up. And of course corporate would not honor the price saying it was a pricing glitch.

  10. crprofusion crprofusion says:

    Wild! Yea someone before me supposedly ordered 4 of them online, so I could have had my hands on 7 of them! I guess I am truly lucky to get that price glitch on 3 of them. I had one guy there give me the run around, then I seen 3 sitting way up top on a shelf. The tag in the Isle said it was on clearance too.

  11. warrenhouse warrenhouse says:

    Mine were not marked at all. 3 were on the floor. 2 were in the tool area up in top stock. The others were in a completely different area. Got the “We don’t have those”…blah blah blah…nevertheless…kept looking and scored that glitch.

  12. mikeandjaime mikeandjaime says:

    I saw the deal pop up for 2 locations near me.
    1 limited stock and the other said in stock.
    i flew to the riverside magnolia st. location where I was thrilled to find a total of 10 in stock.the worker was in awe when I had her confirm the $119 in store price.i left 1 for her because she begged me. I bought the other 9.the cashier called in the manager who stopped pretty much all store transactions and got corporate on the phone .they couldn’t under stand how or why the kit was $119 but since I had the cashier chatting i swiped my card. She handed me my I was walking to my car with my 9kits piled on a cart I saw the price go back to 599$ for that location and it changed to out of stock. I’m currently selling them for $340 each

  13. warrenhouse warrenhouse says:

    Dang! Perfect timing. Got mine listed at $450. Goof just offered $200. Time to send them a virus.

  14. Frugalbish Frugalbish says:

    Gratz man! It’s such an adrenaline rush when you catch a score like that. IDK if you’re just selling local but IMO you’re leaving some $$$ on the table.

  15. glezzjm glezzjm says:

    These suck for local sales. This falls into a category I love and hate. It’s the type of item people who actually need it appreciate and respect the deal and will buy. Then there’s other people who think we stole it and think we want to make a quick dollar. They are looking for the deal, not really the item so they are only willing to pay $250. $340 is great, I have mine listed for $420, I’ll come down to $400 in 2 weeks if they don’t sell. I have not sold any. But I’m very blunt about my prices being firm and I like to sit on stuff for top dollar.
    So good luck on yalls sales!
    Also I placed some orders over the phone… they were canceled before I could make it to the store :roll_eyes: luckily I still got 6 by rushing to the two stores near me.
    This deal is definitely one of the best I’ve gotten.

  16. chiefntrees chiefntrees says:

    $400 all day here, not going to short myself

  17. crprofusion crprofusion says:

    Did you sell Local where you are?

  18. Liliscorner12 Liliscorner12 says:

    sadly i missed this deal i saw it , was ready to rush out of the house and the wife wanted to come with and by the time she got ready they fixed the glitch :weary:

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