Destiny 2 - Standard Edition for PlayStation 4

Destiny 2 - Standard Edition for PlayStation 4

MSRP: $59.88
Added: 4/26/20 - 3:38am
12% of stores

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From Our Community

  1. ntc2020 ntc2020 says:

    Tried to purchase this item at a local store and was told by manager that they aren’t allowed to sell them and they were supposed to be pulled for claims return.

  2. jlribeiro7 jlribeiro7 says:

    I just bought 10pieces

  3. PropDad PropDad says:

    Maybe because the game is free anyway? Why would someone want to buy it?

  4. johnom johnom says:

    yeah, this game is now available for free which is why they got discounted down to $0.03.

  5. ptwo2000 ptwo2000 says:

    There is a market for PS4 replacement cases and are worth more than $.03 per case. Also each game has a 30 day free trial of Playstation Plus that expires 12/31/2022. I have purchased about 85 in my area while other stores I’ve been to say the same thing. Once a game gets that cheap they ship it back to the manufacture. I had another store tell me that is false. I think some stores/employees are keeping products for themselves. I have been trying to track down a Western Digital External hard drive last week or so and no one has it. Then BrickSeek updates saying the inventory went from 1 to 0 at each of the stores I’ve been to. I swear employees are keeping stuff for themselves.

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