Destiny 2, Activision, Xbox One, 047875880986

Destiny 2, Activision, Xbox One, 047875880986

MSRP: $59.99
Added: 3/6/20 - 6:17pm
13% of stores

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  1. cjcurtis cjcurtis says:

    I had made 3 trips to my local Walmart store #2889 to catch this deal. On the first trip, I couldn’t locate any of the 6+ in-stock games in either Xbox One or Playstation 4, meaning that 12+ of these games were not locatable. Upon inquiring about these games, the 2 electronics dept employees gave each other " Uh Oh" looks before one finally spoke and said " We shipped them all back last week “. On my 4th trip, I inquired about the games from 2 other employees and one said " Oh, we don’t leave those out, the employees get those at that price.” In trying to be discreet, I simply said that I can’t blame them and left. This seems to be happening more and more to me at this store.

  2. johnom johnom says:

    Not that I’m suggesting you do this, or that it would even work, but have you tried to speak to the store manager about this?

  3. Jusluvin Jusluvin says:

    You should never ,ever ask employees about your findings on brickseek. Thats the reason how employees finds out about the discounts.

  4. johnom johnom says:

    By the way, I think this price is available on the Walmart .com link and the game itself I think might even be free now. Not entirely sure but I thought I had recently heard it was free

  5. cjcurtis cjcurtis says:

    No, I don’t really think that would solve anything, and could possibly encourage employees to pay closer attention to clearance priced merchandise. But if this trend continues, I don’t see any benefit in paying for the information that I pay for when employees are allowed to keep the merchandise out of reach?

  6. cjcurtis cjcurtis says:

    Thank you johnom, I wasn’t aware of that and will check into that immediately, as well as in the future if this keeps being an issue with other items. One employee did mention that they consider bargains like this to be a benefit of working for Walmart.

  7. cjcurtis cjcurtis says:

    Thanks for the advice Jusluvin. I will assume that you meant it as general advice directed at all brickseek members, since I can’t see how you could possibly conclude from my post that I mentioned brickseek to anyone on any of my trips to check on this item. Thats the reason how I didn’t finds out about the discounts being gots by the employees on the first threes trips genius.

  8. Gleason_Girls Gleason_Girls says:

    Local alert Popped up on my way into Walmart yesterday. Quick detour into electronics and there was tons sitting on shelf Xbox and ps4 ringing up .03. kid in electronics still gives me hard time, had to get manager, I told him my time was limited and not to worry about it. At checkout Manager approached me with video games asked if I had inquired about them and confirmed priced dropped to .03 today from 1.96. That was a first for me.

  9. missyhelton missyhelton says:

    Some areas it’s as low as $0.03!!! Yep 3 cents!!! Check for yourself. For example:
    Stanford, KY 40484
    Oneida, TN 40484

  10. cjcurtis cjcurtis says:

    Thank you for the heads up missyhelton. I had pretty much given up on this item, but after the appreciated response from you and a few other members, I did find them listed at .03 at stores in my area.

  11. distez distez says:

    Will they sell them too you at this price? Now that’s the real question.

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