New Community, New Alerts, and All New Ways to Save With BrickSeek

Alek S.

Today we’re happy to introduce an all new exclusive rewards program for our premium and extreme users, a new way to receive alerts about deals across your favorite categories, and a newly designed community with a closer integration into the site than ever before.

New Ways to Save

*Please note: The BrickSeek Rewards Program is no longer an available feature as of June 1, 2020.

Travel Deals
Health & Beauty Deals
Dining & Food Deals

BrickSeek has partnered with a leader in the merchant deals and rewards industry. Access Development has over 300,000 participating merchants offering savings of 10-50% off in virtually every U.S. market. This partnership helps bring BrickSeek one step closer to becoming the definitive way to live life at half price.

Now included with both premium and extreme memberships is access to a collection of thousands of exclusive online and local offers spanning a wide range of categories. It’s never been easier to find savings on travel deals, dining & food, health & beauty, home & garden, entertainment & recreation, and so much more.

Online Deal Alerts

Our all new online deal alerts feature will be launching as a limited beta for Extreme members only before being rolled out to other membership levels. We will be continually adding new categories and category specific settings as we actively develop and refine this new feature.

We set out to create a more personalized alerts experience than anyone has offered before. What we came up with is an easy and intuitive way for you to fine tune exactly the type of products you wish to be notified about. The process will go a little something like this:

  1. You’ll start by selecting a category such as laptop computers, outdoor grills, or vacuum cleaners just to name a few.
  2. Decide whether you’d like to see all deals, only the best deals, or somewhere in-between. If you already have a budget in mind then you can enter that as well.
  3. Fine tune your alerts. Would you only like to see laptops with a certain storage size? Outdoor grills with a set number of burners? Maybe you’re only interested in a new vacuum if it’s cordless?
  4. Narrow it down even further by brand. If you’re partial to specific brands then now is your chance to let us know.
  5. That’s it, we’ll now email you the moment a new deal becomes available which meets all of your criteria.

Redesigned & Newly Integrated Community

Community has always existed at the very core of what drives us here at BrickSeek. Not only in the sense that we pay very close attention to the needs of those in the savings community, but also in the sense that we believe a strong community of like minded savers is essential to the success of each and every deal hunter who has ever found themselves wanting to make their dollar go even further.

We started from scratch with an all new forum design, one which in many ways challenges any preconceived notion of how forums are traditionally supposed to look. Featuring a tile like design on desktop and a consolidated, mobile optimized design on smartphones and other mobile devices, you’ll find it easier and more familiar than ever to scroll through all of the trending deals, top tips, and other content in our community such as our elusive BrickSeek exclusive deals.

Even More to Explore

This update also features dozens of smaller enhancements and design changes throughout the site, including the following:

  • All new site wide font & icons.
  • “Your Selection” is now displayed, indicating active filters & search term.
  • For extreme members the shopping list page now indicates MSRP.
  • Blog posts now display related posts.
  • For premium members clicking a store’s name within inventory checker results now takes you to that store’s “Markdowns by Store” page.
  • Popular Searches Now Supports Home Depot, Staples, & Macy’s.
  • Greatly refined design on mobile throughout the site.

Alek S.

Head of Development at BrickSeek
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Alek S.

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