Do This to Save Up to 70% at Amazon.com

Bethany H.

More than half of all Americans have purchased something from Amazon.com. Most of us are familiar with the more common ways to save when shopping online there, such as taking advantage of Lightning Deals or clipping a digital product coupon. But a surprising number of people are unaware of the super easy way to save even more — up to 70%! — at the retail giant.

Amazon Warehouse Deals are the secret to those huge savings. They are also oftentimes referred to as “Like New” deals and “Open Box” deals.

Here at BrickSeek, we’ve recently started rounding up the best Amazon Warehouse Deals and posting them in our Forums, as well as on the BrickSeek Deal Group Facebook page. We post these deals to our Premium/Extreme Forums first and then to the Open (Free) Forums and our Facebook Deal Group page a day later:

Premium/ Extreme Forums – Amazon Warehouse Deals
Open (Free) Forums – Amazon Warehouse Deals
Facebook – BrickSeek Deal Group

When we post Amazon Warehouse Deals to our Facebook page, we tag them with the “Open-Box” topic tag. On the Facebook mobile app, you can look for the ‘Topics’ button underneath the name of the group:

On desktop, look for the ‘Popular Topics’ area to the right of the page:

To access the latest Amazon Warehouse Deals posts, click the “Open-Box” topic tag:

To order an Amazon Warehouse Deal, click on the link we provide:

You will be redirected to the item’s BrickSeek Snapshot page. Scroll down to the Online Offers area, and click on the Amazon “Used” button:

** If there is no Amazon “Used” button, then the Warehouse Deal for the item has sold out. **

You will then be redirected to Amazon.com, where you can review all available Warehouse Deals for the item, as well as the condition details for each offering:

All Warehouse Deal items go through a quality check before being listed for sale. Amazon provides detailed descriptions of each of their condition levels. The product listing itself will usually give specific details about why the item was rated a particular condition. You can view Amazon Warehouse Product Condition Definitions FAQs here:

It’s important to note that “Open Box” deals are not necessarily customer returns. Something as minor as a tiny dent to the corner of a box could render an item eligible to be listed as a Warehouse Deal.

In my own personal experience, I have never once received a damaged or non-functioning “Open Box” item. I usually can’t figure out why the item was listed as “Open Box” to begin with, since it almost always turns out to be unopened with no signs of damage to the packaging or the item itself.

You can shop all available Amazon Warehouse Deals by category here.

Photo credit: Amazon.com

Have you ordered an Amazon Warehouse Deal before? What was your experience like? Let the community know about it in the comments below!

Bethany H.

Content Director at BrickSeek
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