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BREAKING NEWS: You Can Now Filter the Deals Page to Only Show Deals Seen in Stores Near You

Alek Steinmetz

Yes, you read that correctly! We are happy to announce the release of an all-new feature — one which has been highly requested and in the works for months.

Introducing “My Stores”

Although the ability to pick your favorite nearby stores may not seem particularly groundbreaking at first, we can assure you that it truly is. Included in this latest site update is a new page allowing users to select and manage their favorite stores; and that’s merely the foundation of some of the other features in this update, as well as for some other new features to come in later site releases.

  • If you’re a Premium or Extreme member, you can click here to manage your favorite stores — Manage My Stores
  • If you aren’t a Premium or Extreme member yet, then you can click here to upgrade to either plan for immediate access — Sign up or Upgrade

The new interface for managing your favorite stores

What to Expect

The closest stores to the zip code you’ve preset in your account profile will automatically be set as your favorite stores by default. This means that you don’t need to do anything to take advantage of this new feature, so long as you have added a zip code to your profile.

We recommend that you first try this feature on the deals page. Simply follow that link, and look to the left of the screen in the filters area for the subheading of “Availability.” Underneath this subheading, you should see a checkbox labeled “Seen in my stores.” Check that box and watch as the results change to only show in-store deals that have already been detected in your selected stores.

Highlighted in red is the new filter for results seen in your stores

Deals that have recently been seen in one of your “My Stores” will be displayed with a short summary that notes the lowest price we’ve seen for that item, as well as how recently it was seen for that price. Clicking on the “View More” link within the summary will open a pop-up containing more information about this deal at each of your stores in which it was detected.

Sample results of deals seen in your stores

Sample of the information that will be shown after selecting “view more”

Not Just the Deals Page

The Deals Feed wasn’t the only page to have been enhanced by this new feature. Both Today’s Markdowns and Popular Searches now include the same filter for “Seen in my stores,” as well as the same deals summary on individual results.

For a full tutorial on how to use the all-new “My Stores” feature, you can visit our official help center hereMy Stores Tutorial

World, Meet Online Deal Alerts

In addition to the introduction of “My Stores,” this latest site update also marked the public release of Online Deal Alerts. During the initial limited beta phase, we focused on refining the overall experience of setting up and receiving Online Alerts; and we can now comfortably say that this feature is ready for a wider audience. Extreme members will continue to enjoy unlimited Online Deal Alerts, while Premium members can set up to ten. Free members will also have the chance to try them out with the ability to create up to three Online Deal Alert at a time.

For a full tutorial on how to use Online Deal Alerts, you can visit our official help center hereOnline Deal Alerts Tutorial

Alek Steinmetz

Head of Development at BrickSeek
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