Browsing the different deals feeds on BrickSeek is a great way to find items you’re interested in purchasing. But once you see an item that interests you, you want to make sure it’s the best possible deal out there across all the different retailers that carry that item. This is where the BrickSeek Snapshot comes into play.

An item’s Snapshot page contains all of its pertinent information. You can instantly look at the item’s pricing across all of our supported retailers, both online and in your local stores. It also contains product reviews and ratings and the item’s Pricing Records. All of this information ensures you are able to make informed buying decisions and are able to purchase the item at the best possible price.

View local pricing across all retailers in your area. This item shows the pricing and availability at Target, Office Depot, Lowes, and Walmart.

The Snapshot page will show you both online and local offers for an item in one quick view. The current online deals will be listed out with each site’s best price, and you will be able to view all local store results near a specific zip code, making price comparison a breeze.

This product had an online deal for $189 that has since expired. The item is currently available locally for $269. You may want to wait to purchase this item until a better deal arises.

There are so many ways to purchase things nowadays, and we strive to make these buying decisions easier for you. The BrickSeek Snapshot does just that. Whether you’re looking to make a purchase online or in your local store, always check in with BrickSeek first to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal!

Searching for deals can at times be a frustrating and tedious process, and there are many ways to go about this adventure. Deal hunting can oftentimes be hit-or-miss, which can lead to people asking whether BrickSeek is accurate or how BrickSeek works.

This “Does BrickSeek Work?” series will look to address many of the common questions that come up during the deal hunting process, and how the tools we provide aim to give you a head start in that process. Equipping yourself with the most information and organizing it in a way that is easy to digest is what we are focused on providing.

The Markdowns by Store feature is an incredibly useful tool when looking for deals within specific local stores. If there are only a few stores you like to frequent, this is a great way to focus in on the deals and availability specific to these locations. Whether you’re on a deal-seeking trip or a quick run to the store for routine essentials, make sure to browse the Markdowns by Store pages before you go.

I often find myself scanning this page before I get out of my car and head into the store. Sometimes I’ll find a deal on detergent or some snack food, or pick up a TV or other electronic that just dropped (whether or not I needed it is another discussion). Other times, there may be nothing I need; but it puts me at ease to know I didn’t miss a deal that I might have walked right past.

Each product on the Markdowns by Store page will show you the New Price, Old Price (the price before the latest drop), MSRP, stock status, and the time it was last discounted. These details should give you enough information to determine whether the deal is right for you. If you need more information about the deal, click on the item to view additional details on the Inventory Checker or BrickSeek Snapshot pages.

With the amount of products out there, we understand it is imperative to give you the easiest way to view deals that are relevant to you. The Markdowns by Store pages do just that. Leave us a comment below to let us know the best deal you’ve found using this feature!

*Markdowns by Store is a Premium feature