Today we’re rolling out a few new features with the goal of providing you with a more personalized deal hunting experience. Kicking things off is a new feature that allows you to specify the types of deals you’re most interested in — from cooking and parenting to gaming and tech, the choice is yours.

Next up is the addition of a new universal system for muting content that you aren’t interested in seeing. Premium and Extreme members will be able to seamlessly “mute” anything from individual products to entire categories throughout the site. When a product has been muted, it will no longer appear in any markdown feeds anywhere on the site (although it will still be accessible directly via its product page or one of our Inventory Checkers). Similarly, after a category has been muted, no products within that entire category will show up in any markdown feeds, and the category itself will no longer be displayed in the list of available filters.

You can manage both your interests and your muted content within your site settings page.

Lastly, Extreme members will enjoy a new addition to their Local Markdown Feeds. We’ve added the option to view all markdowns recently seen across your “My Stores” selection. This new feature gives our Extreme members more control over the markdowns they’re seeing and helps ensure that their experience is as relevant to them as possible.

Browsing deals with BrickSeek just got even easier on the eyes, thanks to the addition of full dark mode support throughout the site. We’ve also brought an all-new products browsing experience to our Premium members — an improvement which will, among other things, drastically improve your ability to locate hard to find Amazon Warehouse deals.

Introducing Dark Mode

We took our time with designing a dark mode experience that our users would love. We’re all too aware of how popular dark mode has become recently, in fact several of us here at BrickSeek use it full time. Because of this, we wanted to make sure that BrickSeek would look right at home alongside the most beautiful dark mode experiences out there.

Click here to enable dark mode

Dark mode is now available to all users but you must have a BrickSeek account to enable it. To enable dark mode navigate to the Site Settings tab within your account settings, scroll down to the section titled “Device Settings” and you’ll have the option to either use dark mode all the time, or to have the site switch to it automatically based on your current device.

Enhanced Products Page

Most of these enhancements were previously released in a “Beta” version to Extreme members as we continued to improve upon them. Today though, we’re happily bringing these improvements to our Premium members, as well.

Enhanced filtering, enhanced sorting, and more information for individual product results can now all be found on the products page for Premium and Extreme members. Specifically, there are two new ways to filter results: by “Customer Rating” and by “Price.” Customer Rating allows you to filter results by the average rating for each product across all retailers. Price allows you to filter results by the lowest new online offer price of each product.

There are two new sorting methods: “New Price Score” and “Used Price Score.” These sorting methods both work similarly, utilizing a proprietary formula for sorting products based on a combination of attributes which contribute to how we rate the value of the discount for either the lowest new online offer price or the lowest used online offer price.

We’ve also added different view modes for browsing product results (this enhancement is only applicable to desktops and some larger tablets). You can choose between grid view and list view. While browsing with grid view each product result will include a summarization of the lowest new, 3rd party, and used offer currently available online. Switching to list view will expand upon that summarization to list all available online offers across all retailers that carry the product.

Finding Amazon Warehouse Deals

This newly introduced list view, combined with the new “Used Price Score” sorting method, are the enhancements that will put the power of locating otherwise hard to find Amazon Warehouse deals into the hands of Premium and Extreme users.

John OM, BrickSeek’s very own Head of Customer Success and Communities, has written an excellent how-to document with everything you need to know in order to start finding amazing Amazon Warehouse deals with BrickSeek.

Last night, we released a site update with some smaller but highly requested enhancements. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new and what’s changed.

Sorting Deals by Discount

This has been a highly requested enhancement, so we are particularly glad to be announcing that you can now sort the Deals page by discount.

Shopping List — Ability to Select All “Out of Stock” Items

It’s now easier than ever to quickly select and remove all “Out of Stock” items on your shopping list. We recommend Refreshing the availability of your Shopping List before doing so in order to ensure that the availability of all of your Shopping List items are as up to date as possible.

Shopping List — Filter by Retailer

You can now easily sort your Shopping List by a particular retailer. We will be continually enhancing the overall usability and functionality of the Shopping List, and this was one of the more highly requested features.

Products Page 2.0 — “Beta” Version

This is an early version of the completely redesigned products page which will soon be featuring enhanced filtering, enhanced sorting, and even more information for each individual product result. For the time being, this enhanced version of the products page will only be available to Extreme Members. This is a temporary measure which will allow us to work more closely with a select group of users as we continue to further refine the redesign. We will be releasing a version of this to Premium users as soon as possible.

Kicking off these changes are two new filters: “Customer Rating” and “Price.” Customer Rating allows you to filter results by the average rating for each product across all retailers. Price allows you to filter results by the lowest new online offer price of each product.

We’ve also enhanced the “Categories” filter to now enable users to filter results by more granular “secondary level” categories. This is an enhancement which I am particularly excited about because it substantially improves the browsing and filtering experience.

In addition to these new and enhanced filters, we have added two new sorting methods: “New Price Score,” as well as “Used Price Score.” These two sorting methods are both in the early stages of development and may be renamed later. They both work similarly, utilizing a proprietary formula for sorting products based on a combination of attributes which contribute to how we rate the value of the discount for either the lowest new online offer price or the lowest used online offer price.

For a more comprehensive list of what’s new and what’s changed, check out our official release notes page — BrickSeek Release Notes.

Today I’m happy to announce the release of our all new Notification Center, as well as the release of a totally redesigned Daily Update email. This release is all about delivering new and relevant content directly to you.

Notification Center

Following the recent introduction of Online Deal Alerts, we realized that the need for a consolidated view of all past alerts was only growing stronger. Well, we decided that now was the time for it and immediately got to work!

Starting today, each time you visit BrickSeek, you will be greeted by the number of unread notifications that you may have missed since your last visit. We’ve made every effort to keep this design unobtrusive so that it will fit perfectly into your existing deal hunting routine.

Online Deal Alerts, new blog posts, important site announcements, and can’t-miss community activity will all be included in your Notification Center. Additionally, we have plans to expand the Notification Center over time by including notifications for different types of content and — most notably — by making it more relevant and customizable to you and your interests.

We wanted the new Notification Center to feel very familiar for anyone who has previously interacted with one on a different website or mobile app. Here’s an idea of what to expect:

If you haven’t yet, be sure to create at least one Online Deal Alert to really start taking advantage of this exciting new feature!

Redesigned Daily Update Email

The Daily Update email we send to all Premium and Extreme members has become an essential trademark of BrickSeek membership for many of our users. It’s one of our most loved features and one which we’ve taken our time with updating. With this site release, we are finally introducing a redesigned version of the Daily Update email, bringing it more in-line with the overall design of the site itself.

Featured in this newly updated Daily Email is the “Markdowns in My Stores” section, which as the name suggests, is a list of markdowns recently detected in your selected “My Stores.” Below this, you will find sections for Today’s Markdowns, as well as Popular Searches for both Walmart and Target. Last but not least is another new addition to the Daily Update email — a “quick links” section, consisting of links to some of the most frequented areas of the site.

Here’s an idea of what the newly redesigned Daily Update Email will look like. (Please note that this is only meant to serve as an example. The actual email will include additional sections for Today’s Markdowns and Popular Searches at both Target and Walmart.)

Enhancements to Online Deal Alerts

Online Deal Alerts are off to a great start! Many of our users are already enjoying the benefit of being the first to know about newly posted online deals. We’ve been steadily expanding the list of eligible categories for Online Deal Alerts and are happy to announce several subtle yet notable enhancements we’ve made to increase your ability to create new alerts.

More specifically, you will now be able to create new Online Deal Alerts while browsing the Deals Page and also while viewing individual deals. (While viewing an individual deal, this new button will only be displayed if the deal itself is in a category which supports Online Deal Alerts).

Additionally, as a result of the growing list of available Online Deal Alert categories, we decided to redesign the category selection process to be more organized and searchable.

Newly redesigned category selection process

Deals page featuring the newly added button for creating an online deal alert

Individual deal page featuring the newly added button for creating an online deal alert

For a more comprehensive list of what’s new and what’s changed, check out our official release notes page — BrickSeek Release Notes.

Yes, you read that correctly! We are happy to announce the release of an all-new feature — one which has been highly requested and in the works for months.

Introducing “My Stores”

Although the ability to pick your favorite nearby stores may not seem particularly groundbreaking at first, we can assure you that it truly is. Included in this latest site update is a new page allowing users to select and manage their favorite stores; and that’s merely the foundation of some of the other features in this update, as well as for some other new features to come in later site releases.

  • If you’re a Premium or Extreme member, you can click here to manage your favorite stores — Manage My Stores
  • If you aren’t a Premium or Extreme member yet, then you can click here to upgrade to either plan for immediate access — Sign up or Upgrade

The new interface for managing your favorite stores

What to Expect

The closest stores to the zip code you’ve preset in your account profile will automatically be set as your favorite stores by default. This means that you don’t need to do anything to take advantage of this new feature, so long as you have added a zip code to your profile.

We recommend that you first try this feature on the deals page. Simply follow that link, and look to the left of the screen in the filters area for the subheading of “Availability.” Underneath this subheading, you should see a checkbox labeled “Seen in my stores.” Check that box and watch as the results change to only show in-store deals that have already been detected in your selected stores.

Highlighted in red is the new filter for results seen in your stores

Deals that have recently been seen in one of your “My Stores” will be displayed with a short summary that notes the lowest price we’ve seen for that item, as well as how recently it was seen for that price. Clicking on the “View More” link within the summary will open a pop-up containing more information about this deal at each of your stores in which it was detected.

Sample results of deals seen in your stores

Sample of the information that will be shown after selecting “view more”

Not Just the Deals Page

The Deals Feed wasn’t the only page to have been enhanced by this new feature. Both Today’s Markdowns and Popular Searches now include the same filter for “Seen in my stores,” as well as the same deals summary on individual results.

For a full tutorial on how to use the all-new “My Stores” feature, you can visit our official help center hereMy Stores Tutorial

World, Meet Online Deal Alerts

In addition to the introduction of “My Stores,” this latest site update also marked the public release of Online Deal Alerts. During the initial limited beta phase, we focused on refining the overall experience of setting up and receiving Online Alerts; and we can now comfortably say that this feature is ready for a wider audience. Extreme members will continue to enjoy unlimited Online Deal Alerts, while Premium members can set up to ten. Free members will also have the chance to try them out with the ability to create up to three Online Deal Alert at a time.

For a full tutorial on how to use Online Deal Alerts, you can visit our official help center hereOnline Deal Alerts Tutorial

We’re Trying Something New

Here at BrickSeek we have always strived to be the fastest and most reliable source for detecting new and upcoming deals from top retailers including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and This year however, we’re excited to announce that we’re taking things one step further. Our staff will be leveraging their deal hunting experience to handpick their favorite deals as they get posted. They’ll be grouping all the best deals together for you, so you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for even faster than before.

Whether you’re looking for the latest electronics, to spruce up your kitchen, or to find the perfect gift to give this holiday season, we’re confident you’ll be able to find the right deal, right here on BrickSeek. Click here to check out all of our latest Black Friday deals — Browse Black Friday Deals.

Online Deal Alerts For All

With the recent release of online deal alerts to all users, we felt that now was the perfect time to announce a promotion available to all free users. For a limited time only, all free users will be able to create up to 3 online deal alerts. We want everyone to make the absolute most out of Black Friday this year, and we believe that our all new online deal alerts are the definitive way to do just that.

If you’re a free member and would like to participate in this promotion then you’re in luck, there are no extra steps necessary in order for you to join! Simply click here to manage your online deal alerts and you will see that your quota has been increased to 5. If you don’t have an account just yet then no worries, just click here to create your free BrickSeek account and you will be automatically enrolled in this limited time promotion.

Now that you have access to at least 3 online deal alerts (Premium members will always be able to create up to 10, and Extreme members can create as many as they’d like) it’s time to create your alerts.

Click here to manage your online deal alerts and then set up a few alerts for the types of products you’re interested in saving money on, and we’ll let you know when we find something.

Like Having a Head Start?

Extreme members are the first to see new deals posted on BrickSeek. They then have exclusive access to new deals for a short period of time before Premium members are given access as well, and then of course after another short delay, all users will receive access. Since Extreme and Premium members enjoy a head start on new deals, it means they are also the first to receive online deal alerts whenever a new deal is posted. This head start can sometimes be a huge factor in securing a deal, as inventory on high demand products tends to go quickly.

If you’re considering upgrading to one of our paid memberships then this holiday season may just be the perfect time to do so.

1. Running Shoes

For optimal flanking performance Naruto runners will need the best. Don’t forget to grab yourself a new set, just be sure to break them in before sprinting through the desert.

2. Camping Tent

Good logistics is the key to success when it comes to storming military bases, and that includes getting proper rest. With a lightweight tent you’ll be ready to turn that barren desert into a home.

3. Goggles

What’s the point in getting to the aliens if you have too much dust in your eyes to actually see them? Effective eye protection is essential.

4. Action Camera

Let’s face it, once inside it’s going to be chaos. Aliens everywhere, Area 51 staff trying to keep things under control, you get the picture. Strap one of those action cameras onto your helmet (you brought a helmet, right?) and you’ll be all set to capture every single extraterrestrial detail.

Veho Muvi KX-2 Pro Action Camera | KX-Series | Handsfree Camcorder | WiFi | 16GB microSD Card | 4k Action Cam | 12MP Photo | 4k30 / 1080p100 | Waterproof Housing (VCC-009-KX2-PRO)
MSRP: $129.00
Added: 7/3/19 - 7:15pm
This deal has expired but you can still view it's BrickSeek Snapshot page for pricing and availability both online and in stores from other retailers.

5. Alien Costumes. Spooky

Put yourself in your future alien friends shoes for a moment, this will probably be a pretty scary day right? Help them determine who their real friends are by comforting them with a familiar face.

6. Two words: Monster. Energy.

Someone needs to be on the front line, and that person is Kyle. What do you think he’ll ask for in return? Money? Fame? Think again. All he asks for in return for his bravery and commitment to the cause is his favorite energy drink, also known as Monster energy. Choose not to leave the Kyles without energy, choose Monster Energy. Just don’t forget to grab some Mountain Dew for the perfect paring.

Today we’re happy to introduce an all new exclusive rewards program for our premium and extreme users, a new way to receive alerts about deals across your favorite categories, and a newly designed community with a closer integration into the site than ever before.

New Ways to Save

*Please note: The BrickSeek Rewards Program is no longer an available feature as of June 1, 2020.

BrickSeek has partnered with a leader in the merchant deals and rewards industry. Access Development has over 300,000 participating merchants offering savings of 10-50% off in virtually every U.S. market. This partnership helps bring BrickSeek one step closer to becoming the definitive way to live life at half price.

Now included with both premium and extreme memberships is access to a collection of thousands of exclusive online and local offers spanning a wide range of categories. It’s never been easier to find savings on travel deals, dining & food, health & beauty, home & garden, entertainment & recreation, and so much more.

Online Deal Alerts

Our all new online deal alerts feature will be launching as a limited beta for Extreme members only before being rolled out to other membership levels. We will be continually adding new categories and category specific settings as we actively develop and refine this new feature.

We set out to create a more personalized alerts experience than anyone has offered before. What we came up with is an easy and intuitive way for you to fine tune exactly the type of products you wish to be notified about. The process will go a little something like this:

  1. You’ll start by selecting a category such as laptop computers, outdoor grills, or vacuum cleaners just to name a few.
  2. Decide whether you’d like to see all deals, only the best deals, or somewhere in-between. If you already have a budget in mind then you can enter that as well.
  3. Fine tune your alerts. Would you only like to see laptops with a certain storage size? Outdoor grills with a set number of burners? Maybe you’re only interested in a new vacuum if it’s cordless?
  4. Narrow it down even further by brand. If you’re partial to specific brands then now is your chance to let us know.
  5. That’s it, we’ll now email you the moment a new deal becomes available which meets all of your criteria.

Redesigned & Newly Integrated Community

Community has always existed at the very core of what drives us here at BrickSeek. Not only in the sense that we pay very close attention to the needs of those in the savings community, but also in the sense that we believe a strong community of like minded savers is essential to the success of each and every deal hunter who has ever found themselves wanting to make their dollar go even further.

We started from scratch with an all new forum design, one which in many ways challenges any preconceived notion of how forums are traditionally supposed to look. Featuring a tile like design on desktop and a consolidated, mobile optimized design on smartphones and other mobile devices, you’ll find it easier and more familiar than ever to scroll through all of the trending deals, top tips, and other content in our community such as our elusive BrickSeek exclusive deals.

Even More to Explore

This update also features dozens of smaller enhancements and design changes throughout the site, including the following:

  • All new site wide font & icons.
  • “Your Selection” is now displayed, indicating active filters & search term.
  • For extreme members the shopping list page now indicates MSRP.
  • Blog posts now display related posts.
  • For premium members clicking a store’s name within inventory checker results now takes you to that store’s “Markdowns by Store” page.
  • Popular Searches Now Supports Home Depot, Staples, & Macy’s.
  • Greatly refined design on mobile throughout the site.

It’s common practice for retailers to mark prices up or down depending on factors such as demand, seasonal change, and many others. However, what many people may not realize is that the price of a single item can vary from store to store, sometimes quite drastically, even within a single neighborhood. What this means is that with the right tools, shoppers could have a unique opportunity to save big on all kinds of purchases.

As usual though, there is a catch. Markdowns such as these are hard to predict, often springing up out of nowhere and only lasting for a short period of time before disappearing completely. This lack of predictability makes this method of saving money inaccessible to many, but wouldn’t it be great to know the exact price of an item across all nearby stores? What if you had access to a list of items that have been seen marked down in more than one area, so you would know exactly what to look for? With tools such as these, local deal hunting would begin to look a lot more feasible.

These are just a few of the questions that we at BrickSeek have sought to answer, and we began with what seemed like a simple concept. Using Inventory Checkers that allowed anyone to check pricing around them, we were able to gain a better understanding of how items are changing in price around the country.

It wasn’t a perfect system — the lack of predictability sometimes made it challenging for us to provide consistent results. Some of you reading this may be familiar with how things have been up until now. The “as low as” prices displayed for in-store deals indicated the lowest price seen for that deal at what was typically only a small handful of stores scattered throughout the country.

We were successful in providing a list of items that were actively being marked down but had difficulty with adding further insight into how prolific those deals were at different price points. This has been an ongoing challenge for us and something that we will constantly be working towards perfecting.

Today we are happy to announce an update that we feel brings us one step closer to that vision. Replacing the “as low as” price described above will be a more inclusive one. Although it is possible that some users will find a deal for an even lower price than what is indicated on our Deals page, with this update, you will have more clarity than ever around just how widespread an in-store deal really is.

We accomplished this by reporting a commonly seen price and by including the percentage of stores at which we have seen that price with the item in stock. Although at first glance this may appear to be a relatively modest improvement, we feel that it represents a pretty major shift in the way our Deals page works. As with all of our updates, we hope that it leads to more people saving more money more easily than ever.

Previous design using the “As low as” price
Improved design using a more common price and percentage of availability