Simplifying the seek

Looking for the latest deals can be an exhausting process, so we’ve decided to make this as easy on you as possible. How? We showcase the best deals across the nations largest retail stores both online and in-store, so you can know when, where, and how much you can score a deal for.

Check Inventory at Your Local Stores

Items are priced differently from store-to-store. Use the Inventory Checkers to search your item and see its current, real-time stock count and pricing at stores near you.

Browse the Latest Deals

The newest and trending deals feeds are where you can view the deals that have dropped most recently. Sort and filter by retailer, product category, biggest discounts, and more. No matter how you want to browse, we have you covered.

Set Alerts and Get Notified

Local and Online Deal Alerts are critical to stay on top of any deal you’re looking to score. Whether you want to know when an item comes back in stock or you’re waiting for a price drop, alerts will give you the best chance to score a deal.

Premium and Extreme 

Membership Benefits

Being a Premium and Extreme member gives you all the tools to maximize your chance of scoring the most deals. From being able to see all of the deals before others, having more alert capabilities, and the exclusive feeds you have access to both online and in your local stores, the Premium and Extreme memberships put you ahead of the crowd.


Markdowns by Store

A comprehensive catalog of marked down items specific to your local stores. Pull up your nearby store to see exactly what they have marked down in the past few days. This is a great way to find hidden deals that most others don’t even know exist!


Today’s Markdowns

Items that are actively being marked down in-store and online across the country. A great tool for determining which items might soon be marked down at a store near you.


Popular Searches

Local and Online Markdown Feeds

The Local Markdown Feed shows you all of the deals that have dropped in your area. Whether the item has dropped in 1 store or 20, we show you all of the stores that deal can be found in your local stores.

The Online Markdown Feed is populated with items that have been marked down specifically online, instead of in-store. This pages is updated by our system when new deals are detected across the web.

Interested in learning more about these features? Check out our Help Center for more detailed tutorials.

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