Help with Text Alerts:

1. Are you trying to get texts for Hatchimals or NES Consoles?

**If you answered YES**: Are you a premium member? If YES proceed to step #2. If NO: We no longer send texts for Hatchimals and NES to non paying members. Because of the extremely high demand we were unable to send them out quick enough, and the costs were too high. You may either sign up for a premium membership here, or use one of the alternatives below.
You may sign up for push notifications here:

Or join our Facebook Groups associated with these products here:
**If you answered NO**: Continue to step #2

#2 Do you have your phone # in your profile along with your carrier, and have you verified it?
To check to see that you have a phone number in carrier in your account go here -Phone # and Carrier settings are both on that page
To check if its verified go to this page: here
**If you answered YES**: Continue to step 3.

#3 Are you sure you set up alerts for this product? There should be a check mark by any product you have alerts set up for!

Check by going here – (make sure you are logged in)

**If you answered YES**: Continue to step 4.
**If you answered NO**: Subscribe to alerts by checking the boxes next to the the product, you can be alerted by text or email.

#4 Are you sure the product has come in stock ONLINE? (These are online stock alerts only, for, Amazon, etc.)

Check by going to here and clicking the “More Info” button next to the product product. When you scroll down you will see the “Online Availability History”
**If you answered NO**: Sadly the item hasn’t been available since you signed up.